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Expensive Schools

link this post written on 31/07/2017
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 It's not all roses for those who go to expensive schools. I know a lot of personal friends who have low paying service-minded jobs that don't pay well but allow them to live with a sense of purpose, you can read http://domyessay.today/ too. Sometimes it's intentional because of their background - they want to give back. And sometimes it is because they were not raised in an environment of extreme privilege, especially minorities.
Some do very well for themselves, yes. But it is not a given that loans are a stepping stone to greatness if you go to Harvard.
And if you think the only purpose of Harvard should be to send kids to i-banking, cosmetic dermatology practices or corporate litigation jobs, then you're part of what's wrong with higher education.
link this post written on 05/10/2017
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