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link this post written on 13/04/2018
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Aside from not learning very much in online charter schools, it would seem that these students also lose a valuable component of attending a real school: the ability to interact and get along with other students, as well as experience a wide range of emotions and challenges. This is a vital part of going to high school. 
Also, I've taught English to language learners, and learned that each class has its own dynamic and synergy, and a teacher should adjust his or her teaching methods to reflect it. Some classes had mostly quiet students and others had talkative students; some classes wanted more visuals and others were more adept at technology. One size usually does not fit all. 
I just don't see how a student can maintain any level of interest in an online charter school, especially a high school student like I was whose only interest was preparing to write my essay for a college application. It looks like a good number of these students lost valuable time in their lives. Like the article says, when it came to math, it was as though the students didn't attend school at all
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